Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Postcard #14: The Humble Administrator's Garden—China

CJ is living in "Venice of the East", Suzhou, China. A couple of days ago he sent me a postcard of The Humble Administrator's Garden. The garden is located in Suzhou and generally considered as the finest garden in southern China. In 1997 it is proclaimed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This postcard shows a bridge, namely "Flying Rainbow Bridge". From wikipedia, it is described as
a covered bridge arched in three segments connected to a covered corridor on either end. It was designed to give the appearce of a rainbow shimmering when its reflection is stirred in the water. It is unique for being the only arched bridge in a Suzhou garden.
Beside the pre-paid stamp of UNESCO WHS logo, CJ also affixed some other stamps. They are a set of Labrang Lamasery stamps (Grand Sutra Hall and Gongtang Pagoda), a definitive stamp of Earth and Tree, and Stork Tower stamp as a part of Joint Stamp Issue China-Ukraine. 

China has issued many impressing architectural theme stamps recently. I am happy CJ chose some of those stamps for me. Thank you very much, CJ. :)


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