Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cover #2: Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal—China

Last week, I swapped covers with CJ from China. As usual, I asked for my favorite theme: architecture. He's so generous sent me a set of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal stamps. The set consists of 6 big size stamps with each face value 1.20 yuan. In return I sent him Year of the Rat souvenir-sheet issued by PT. Pos Indonesia. 

The Grand Canal is the longest canal in the world. It's such a great and prominent infrastructure in the history of China's development. A large part of it was created during the Sui Dinasty (581-618). Its main role throughout its history was the transport of grain from agricultural region to the capital. The Grand Canal furthered the growing economic market in China's urban centres through all the ages since the Sui period. It also enabled cultural exchange and political integration to mature between the north and south of China. 


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