Thursday, 5 May 2011

Postcard #23: Santa Christina de Lena—Spain

This pretty card of Santa Cristina de Lena was sent by May from Spain. It is located in Pola de Lena, Province and Autonomous Community of Asturias, Spain. Lena is one of several buildings included toThe Monuments of Oviedo which also was inscribed as one of World Heritage Site in 1985. UNESCO states that Santa Cristina de Lena has an innovative pre-Romanesque Asturian architectural style.
Pre-Romanesque Asturian architecture represents a unique artistic achievement which is neither a metamorphosis of palaeo-Christian art nor a feature of Carolingian art. These churches, which are basilical in layout and entirely vaulted, and which make use of columns instead of piers, have very rich decors which contain Visigothic references, Arabic elements, and shapes that associate them with the great sanctuaries of Asia Minor.
The lush green landscape as the background of the church is also breathtaking, make it's such a harmonious scenery. So beautiful! May put 3 stamps on the card, a definitive stamp of H.M. King Juan Carlos I with the royal crown at the left top corner, and two stamps of instrumentos musicales depicting laúd (lute) and violin. 

 Muchas gracias, May!


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